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Breakaway from Cancer

We wanted to be able to help out some worthy causes and were able to connect with Breakaway from Cancer which is an amazing nonprofit organization that is relatively local to us. Anytime you see their logo pop up on one of our products or a Facebook post; we will be donating to the organization. Be sure to watch for their events as well! They do a lot of side pots to benefit the organization; plus you can win big and get some extra practice in!


Breakaway From Cancer is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that aims to support those in the equine industry battling cancer. Our goal is to help ease a little bit of the financial strain that is associated with the cancer diagnosis and treatment plan. You can apply for financial assistance if you are in a treatment plan for cancer and have a horse for you professional life or just your pastime. www.breakawayfromcancer.org

Facebook: Breakaway From Cancer

Instagram: breakawayfromcancer