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No longer Accepting Rescues

While this may come as a shock, I will not be accepting any new rescue horses this year. Which will certainly be a huge struggle for me. As I know I will want to continue to help. But I have every intention of heading west this summer for a program to learn for rehabiltation and therapy programs. Which I think is something that is greatly needed in my community. And it will be another way for me to help those around me. 

I am also dedicating this year to further myself as a rider. For those who don't know, I have been a strictly trail rider along with a majority of my family. I have picked up a Barrel Horse this year, and I am hoping to learn a lot with him and be able to do well. So I plan to spend extra time with him. And of course, we can't forget about the young filly that I have. As she gets older and gets closer to being old and strong enough to start lightly breaking her to ride, there is more things that I want to do with her to get her ready for that. Which will also require much more time. So I will be focusing more on my personal horses and goals this year. Plus, I am hoping to grow this boutique to hopefully make it into my full time job. So that my bartending job is more for fun, than a