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Maggie's Story

Maggie is an older mare. When we were called, We were asked to take in an older horse with one blind eye. When the vet arrived, we were informed that she had developed cancer, and that it was becoming infected. She is scheduled to have surgery to remove the eye and the surrounding tissue. She will then need to have chemo for an extended period of time.We were informed that she had the mass over her eye since they had received her years ago. We are not sure how long she has had it. The mass causes her great discomfort. We are expecting her to recover well and be much happier once it is removed.Her hooves were also extremely overgrown when we picked her up and it caused some issues for walking. AS she was constantly stepping on us, between the overgrowth and compensating for not being able to see on the other side. She will get regular visits with the farrier to help her hooves get better as well.